Welcome to my therapy web page.

I currently offer therapeutic counselling to individuals, couples, adolescents and children.

If you’re reading these words it’s more than likely that you’re thinking of engaging in Therapeutic Counselling. The idea of starting this type of therapy can be a daunting prospect and it is with this in mind that I aim to offer you a comfortable, and confidential environment so that together we can explore your situation in a space of complete safety.

The Person Centred model is the foundation of all my work. This means that the counselling relationship is built on empathy, congruence and non-judgement; all core conditions of the therapy. I also use elements of other models such as CBT, Psychodynamic and Solution Focussed therapy. I offer both short term and long term work depending on the needs of your unique situation.

With the above as a foundation of my work I also provide: